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802.11ac에 대한 최신 정보

무선 전문가 Devin Akin에게서 802.11ac에 대한 기술적인 상세 정보와 실 세계의 현실을 배우십시오. 무선 분야에서 15년 이상의 경험을 가지고 있는 Devin은 이 분야의 신뢰받는 전문가로서, CWNP 프로그램을 공동 설립했고 무선 기술에 대한 핸드북들을 저술하였습니다. Devin was named to Today’s Wireless World top 100 Wireless Experts in 2014 and now runs Divergent Dynamics, a global consultancy firm focused on addressing the unique challenges around Wi-Fi and the Internet of Things.

Devin’s presentation will cover:

  • Market drivers that lead to the new standard
  • Specific technical details in 802.11ac (and how it is different from 802.11n)
  • Wireless fundamentals and how they relate to 802.11ac technology
  • Real world implications and expectations for 802.11ac equipment
  • Spectrum impacts for 802.11ac and how regulatory changes play a factor
  • Design considerations with deploying 802.11ac technology
  • Technology roadmaps and the 802.11ac ‘waves’
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