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802.11ac WLAN: 다음번 프로젝트의 성공을 위한 실세계 팁 및 모범 사례

The newly ratified IEEE specification for 802.11ac introduces several technology enhancements to drive the speeds of Wi-Fi networks beyond 1 Gbps. These higher speeds will be essential to increasing the capacity of Wi-Fi networks to accommodate the explosion of users and devices that must be connected to business-critical applications.

이 주문형 웨비나에서 Aspire Technology Partners의 Wil Ankerstjerne가 802.11ac WLAN 네트워크를 계획하고 구축하며 최적화한 실질 경험 및 모범 사례를 공유하여 최상의 성능 달성을 지원해 드릴 것입니다. John Anderson from NETSCOUT will show how the latest tool innovations can support those best practices and make you successful in your next project.

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