WLAN Interference Detection & Identification - Tolly Certified | NETSCOUT
WLAN Interference Detection & Identification - Tolly Test Report, June 2015
The Bottom Line – AirMagnet Spectrum XT provides:
  • Automatic interference identification and classification of devices
  • 100% accuracy of identification at all distances tested
  • Simple and intuitive signature adoption with ability to share with others
  • Multi-brand support to locate devices quickly
라이브 웨비나: 2015년 8월 6일, 11am PDT
Kevin Tolly, founder of Tolly Group will review the Tolly Test Report in detail. See how AirMagnet Spectrum XT measures up.





데모: AirMagnet Spectrum XT
Free Demo! Wi-Fi 네트워크 성능에 영향을 미치는 무선 주파수(RF) 간섭을 사전에 파악하고 위치를 찾습니다.
White Paper : 단계별: RF 간섭 도전과제에 대한 처리
See how AirMagnet tools can take the difficulty out of identifying interference sources.
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