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TruView – Network & Application Performance Management

HALF the price. ONE-FIFTH the hardware. NO add-ons.

TruView delivers five capabilities in one tool without the need for expensive add–on modules or additional products.

Why buy FIVE products to do the work of ONE TruView?

어플리케이션 성능 모니터링

  • Response Time: In just three clicks, determine which users are experiencing poor application performance.
  • Retrospective Packet Analysis: Once a problem domain is identified, export diagnostic data and reconstruct the event as experienced by the end user.

네트워크 성능 모니터링

  • Device Performance Monitoring: Inspect the health, performance and availability of all devices on your network to gain essential infrastructure visibility.
  • Network Traffic Analysis: Fast drill–down in just three clicks allows you to find interesting traffic and bandwidth consumption patterns.

VoIP 성능 모니터링

  • VoIP Quality of Experience: Retrieve packet streams in order to replay actual calls as they transpired across the wire. Only TruView can clearly illustrate both application (TCP) and VoIP (UDP) performance, and thus their unique contention for infrastructure resources
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