HANDHELD NETWORK TEST (Hardware Solutions)

LinkSprinter LinkRunner AT AirCheck G2 OneTouch G2 or 10G
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RJ-45 Fiber/Copper Wi-Fi/RJ-45 Fiber/Copper/Wi-Fi
10 second quick check for:
  • PoE voltage
  • 스위치로 링크
  • DHCP
  • 게이트웨이
  • 인터넷 연결

  • Includes functionality of LinkSprinter plus:
  • PoE load Testing
  • 네트워크 지도
  • Connectivity test for twisted pair/fiber optic
  • Remote reflector for OneTouch

  • 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac Wireless network tester
  • Detect/locate access points
  • View channel utilization
  • Determine 802.11 vs. non-802.11 traffic by channel
  • Quick ethernet connectivity test

  • 100/1000/10G link validation
  • 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac troubleshooting
  • 인라인 VoIP 분석
  • Intermittent network problem detection
  • 패킷 캡처
  • Path performance testing top 10G*

  • PC help desk
    AV installers
    Network Engineers
    Network Administrators
    Cloud dashboard for result
    management (Link-Live.com)
    Cloud dashboard for result
    management (Link-Live.com)
    Cloud dashboard for result
    management (Link-Live.com)
    Remote access and trending with cloud access/service

    * Path performance testing requires 2 units. 1G path performance can be done with OneTouch + LinkRunner, or 2 x OneTouch units. 10G path performance requires a OneTouch and Optiview XG

    LinkSolutions-Kit provides 1 LinkRunner + 2 LinkSprinters for a team of technicians

    ACKG2-LRAT2000 provides 1 LinkRunner + 1 AirCheck G2 for quick validation of wired and Wi-Fi networks

    1TG2-3000-LRAT2KIT provides OneTouch + LinkRunner for path performance testing up to 1G.

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