Expert Interview with Dennis Zimmer | NETSCOUT

Expert Interview with Dennis Zimmer for NETSCOUT

2015년 8월 6일

Infrastructure monitoring can be a tedious and time consuming chore. But if you're not careful, the rest of your to-do list can grow out of control if you focus too much on this task. Still, with just a little help, a big part of your day can be cleared up. That's what Dennis Zimmer, CEO of Opvizor Inc. says.

"I've seen so many avoidable issues and a lot of tuning possibilities that system administrators can't address due to a huge lack of time. Most administrators are jammed with work, so I decided to help them."

That means you can have more time to focus on those other projects you need to get done.

How can people get 60% of their workday back?

Be proactive! We detect VMware misconfigurations and error situations due to a massive centralized rulebase. All of these rules can be seen as situations that happen in a typical customer environment. Based on many studies, the system administrator spends more than 60% of their time optimizing and troubleshooting the infrastructures they are responsible for.

Our company can save most of that time for the administrator by including solutions within the found issue description (as well as script-based mass remediation steps). Not to mention that it always takes a lot of unmonitored time (especially weekends) to act proactively or fix issues that already hurt the environment. We free most of this time up also.

For those who aren't familiar with VMware and/or specific VMware Inc. Products, can you explain what VMware is?

VMware is the market leader in infrastructure virtualization. Virtualization was always about partitioning hardware to serve multiple operating systems and the corresponding applications at the same time, thereby greatly increasing utilization and efficiency. Another benefit is the separation of the hardware from the operating system, making the virtual machine (the system that runs on top of a virtualization technology like VMware) agile so it can be migrated to other datacenters without any service interruption. Virtualization is used in most datacenters that exist today.

What are 5 ways an infrastructure analysis can help a business owner run a more efficient enterprise?

  1. It can help you focus on optimizing your virtual infrastructure to achieve higher infrastructure performance that results in faster applications.
  2. You can learn how to make your environment more stable and reliable to consistently comply with your service levels and end-user/customer satisfaction.
  3. It promotes cost savings by removing wasted resources and freeing up expensive resources.
  4. It can reduce mean-time-to-resolution when experiencing performance degradation.
  5. It has the ability to measure optimization efforts and the return on time and investment.

How can predictive analysis and issue prevention play a helpful role in that?

A major goal is always to predict issues before they cause any damage or extent systems before they overload. As we predict many downtimes or performance drops by analyzing configurations, log files and performance data to match them against our own rulebase, the customer can proactively act and avoid many bad situations that can become extremely expensive.

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