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2015년 7월 26일

Due to a variety of circumstances in both business and the technical world, the data center is changing radically. Data security is certainly an issue to consider, along with mobile technologies, the advent of cloud computing, concerns about how data centers impact the environment, and of course the rapidly expanding amounts of data that modern businesses are accumulating. Much of this data is unstructured (like email, text documents, audio and video files, etc.), and therefore do not fit nicely into a traditional relational database like SQL. What does the future of the data center entail? Here's a peek.

The Future Data Center is More Centralized With Fewer Silos

In order to make the most out of data analysis, organizations need to do away with data silos and centralize all of their data into a single data center.

Until recently, it made sense for data to reside in silos within the departments that most used that particular data. For instance, HR needed their own data, as did finance, R&D, etc. But big data analysis means that consolidating all of the data from disparate systems and sources can yield valuable and powerful insight and predictions for the future. That means that it is time to find better ways to centralize data and make it available to everyone across the organization, and even externally in many circumstances.

The Future Data Center has to Accommodate a Variety of Devices, Data Formats, Applications, Etc.

The data center used to service a specified number of workstations, all with compatible computers and/or terminals. Today's data center has to be accessible to a wide variety of mobile devices, all using differing operating systems and software packages. Virtualization helps the modern data center provide a high quality user experience to all of these different devices. Look for an increase in the establishment of private cloud environments by database administrators.

The Future Data Center Needs Better Encryption and User Authorization Techniques

Along with this influx of mobile devices, the data center is facing increased challenges related to security. Authenticating a particular user or device attempting to access the database is no small feat. Many database administrators are working towards better ways to encrypt the data, both within the data center and as it is transmitted back and forth between the data center and the devices. Expect a tug of war between hackers and database administrators: DBAs will improve security and network monitoring techniques, while hackers improve their intrusion methods, forcing the DBAs to up their game again, and so on.

The Future Data Center Has to Make the Most Out of Hardware, Equipment, and Labor

Even though the challenges to the data center are on the rise, funding for the IT department and data center aren't budging. IT managers and DB administrators will have to force more out of the hardware, equipment, workers, and resources that they have. Much like NASA during the era of 'Faster, Better, Cheaper', these professionals will be forced to prove how much more they can do with less funding and resources.  

Data centers will be under increasing pressure from both environmental groups and the government to lessen their impact on the environment.

The Future Data Center Has to be Kinder to the Environment

In case mobile, big data, the cloud, and tight budgets weren't enough of a challenge, data centers are also under strict scrutiny regarding their impact on the environment. Companies need to find ways to reduce the consumption of power, water, and other precious natural resources, while lowering the data center's emissions so that the air, water, and soil are clean. Look for stricter environmental regulations to go along with the pressure from activists on the issue.

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