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Link-Solutions™ The Adaptable and Affordable Toolset for Network Connectivity Testing, Documentation and Reporting



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Many IT organizations trying to troubleshoot that age old problem “is it the Network or the PC” find the task of troubleshooting to be challenging. This can be attributed to not having the right tools or standardized methods across team members and often resort to swap and replace trial and error or rely on the old school method of laptop based troubleshooting. Unfortunately, those methods are not only time consuming, but they can’t perform in-depth connectivity troubleshooting tests, and often results in no resolution to the problem. Particularly with laptop based troubleshooting that can’t perform tests such as PoE level to ensure the device in question is receiving enough power to run, not to mention they are cumbersome, especially in tight spaces, up on ladders and then there is the size, weight and battery life to contend with.



지금까지 다양한 기술들이 발전해 왔고, NETSCOUT 또한 수십 년에 걸쳐 테스트 솔루션 서비스를 제공해 왔습니다. After working with hundreds of thousands of customers across an expanse of every vertical industry imaginable, we’ve got the task of connectivity testing down to a science so give it a try and see how your peers are getting the job done faster and easier with Link-Solutions.

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Link-Solutions™ Overview

Link-Solutions is a complete product offering that can be scaled based on network sophistication and skill level. Our goal was to keep the workflow simple yet powerful and flexible such that organizations can outfit users of varying skill level with a standardized process for network verification and troubleshooting – the right tool for the job. 이에 따라 모든 IT 예산을 충족시킬 수 있는 가격으로 인력의 성과를 더욱 향상시키게 되었습니다.
Link-Solutions는 핸드헬드 테스트 및 클라우드 기반 보고로 구성되어 있습니다. On the hand-held test side LinkSprinter and LinkRunner AT perform varying levels of testing capability but both offer completely automated reporting to the same Link-Live Cloud Service. Link-Live 클라우드 서비스 대시보드 내에서 실시간으로 진행되는 모든 테스트를 볼 수 있어 작업 가시성이 향상되며 누가 무엇을 언제 어디서 테스트하는지 쉽게 추적하여 프로젝트를 제어할 수 있습니다.


작업에 맞는 도구

Here’s how the depth of test breaks down between LinkSprinter and LinkRunner AT. Be sure to understand which models within each LinkSprinter and LinkRunner AT family offer the specific capabilities you need to customize a toolkit that supports your unique requirement.

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* LinkSprinter 100 및 200는 중국에서 사용할 수 없습니다

Managing test results is often time consuming and cumbersome, leaving many organizations to just go without or when documentation does occur, it’s inconsistent, ad hoc and may contain erroneous or missing results, which provides no value to the business.

Welcome to Link-Live Cloud Service, a centralized management, collaboration and archival workspace for network connectivity test results from NETSCOUT's hand-held network testers.
Test results are automatically sent to your secure Link-Live cloud account, providing organizations with a newfound ability to quickly and easily document their network, provide proof of performance and better manage jobs and staff efficiency. 또한 테스트가 진행될 때마다 결과가 이메일로 발송되어 기술자가 테스트에 대한 정보를 주석으로 달고 사진도 첨부할 수 있습니다. 이 주석은 Link-Live의 해당 레코드에 자동으로 추가되어 각 링크의 성능에 관한 매우 심층적인 이해를 수립하고 엔드포인트 이미지(월 잭, 장치, 일련 번호)를 스위치 슬롯과 포트에 직접 매핑하게 됩니다.

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Link-Live 클라우드 서비스

Link-Live는 추가 비용 없이 테스트 도구 (LinkSprinter, LinkRunner, AirCheck G2)를 선택해서 중요한 테스트 결과 관리 및 보고 기능을 제공합니다. It provides greater job visibility, project control, and fleet management for larger distributed environments.

  • Link-Live 클라우드 서비스의 특징:

  • ✓ Complementary, no annual service fees

  • ✓ Supports all models of LinkSprinter, LinkRunner, and AirCheck G2
  • Manage, sort and analyze test results

  • Filter results by time, user, network device, errors, instrument, and more

  • Add comments or photos to any test result

  • Automatic filing of tests into specific folders

  • Proxy support

  • 최대 10개의 테스트 결과를 버퍼링

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